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Far From Home

So I read today in a blog I just found, about how far one roamed as a child.  The bloggers (John Larkin and Clay Burell) who wrote the original posts are probably in the 30-40 age range, solidly marking them as an older generation.

They mused about the lack of dangers and risks children these days are allowed to get into, and through the excellent use of technology (Thank you, Google Maps), they were able to trace the paths and areas they roamed as kids.

I did the same, and charted my adventures based on schooling level:

Early Adventures

Early Adventures (1992-2004)

Young Adult Adventures (2004-07)

Young Adult Adventures (2004-07)

Where I am Now (2008)

Where I am Now (2008)

It was definitely a trip down memory lane – where the other authors used Street View to look at the old hills and streams where they played, I traced bike and bus routes I still recall so vividly.  The bike routes reminded me of happy times – riding to Los Gatos to go to the only library open on Sundays, coming home with a backpack and extra bags full of books, stopping at thrift stores along the way.  I know I’ve told this to many people, but I got all of my formal High School dance dresses (including Prom) at thrift stores, for under $20.

The bus routes however, speak of different times.  I had moved out of my parents’ house, and was going to school full time (2 busses away), and working two jobs at opposite ends of the Bay (one in Palo Alto/Menlo Park, 30 mins on bus, and other in South SJ near my parents’, 1 hr on bus/train away).  I had some health issues as well, and had to switch from one doctor in Almaden (1.5 hours on bus) to one in Los Gatos (1 hour on bus, even though much closer).  I probably would have killed someone to have a car and know how to drive it at that point.

I now live in Burlingame, about 30 miles away from my parents, and work in San Mateo, which is about a 10 minute street drive from my place.  My new roaming grounds include San Francisco for various parties, Half Moon Bay for the occasional beach day, and highway 35 when I need a drive.

Where did you roam as a kid?  How do your new stomping grounds compare to those you had when you were younger?


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